Tatanka's Garden

The landscape will benefit the Big Bear Native American Museum by creating an interactive exhibit that involves all 5 senses. Many of the plants used will be recognized by visitors such as Black-eyed Susan but they may not know that it was used by the Cherokee for colds & flues or the Hopi as a dye. Other plants such as Cherokee sedge may be unfamiliar as a plant but Native Americans historically used sedge leaves to make rope and both leaves & rhizomes for making baskets, mats & clothing. Using to create a links to the past, present & future. 

We will also have a Three Sisters Garden - using seeds such as Hopi Corn, Strawberry Popcorn, Indian Women Yellow Bean, Hopi Black Bean, Rattle Gourd, Giant Apache Gourd & Yellow Squash

The landscape is at the entrance of the Big Bear Native American Museum. Tatanka a silent sentinel of the landscape welcomes our visitors. In the future with proper signage he can teach the value of the Bison in Native American cultures. The hardscape of the garden includes Tatanka, grinding stones and a medicine wheel which are as important as the plants. Together they will all have a role in telling the tale of the Native American Life.

This project has only been made possible by Donations by the following
Texas Native Plants Dallas Chapter - 2016 $100.00, 2017 $200.00
Loews Cleburne - 2016 $78.00 in Garden Soil
Baker Creek Seed Company Seed donation  - 2016 $75.25
Johnson County Herb Society - 2016 $30.00 in Plants & Seeds,  2017 $40 Plants & Seeds
Johnson County Master Gardener -  $25.00 Plants & Seeds
Whitney Printing - 2016 $40 in Signage
Sharon Madigan - 2016 $50 Signage 

"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children".....Ancient Indian Proverb